Toddler Snack: Ricotta Fruit Fondue


When the mercury is on the rise, it can be so easy to naturally gravitate towards ice cream and popsicles for quick and easy summer snacking, but the truth is, the kids just don’€™t need the extra sugar. I, personally, am guilty of stashing frozen treats for hot afternoons, and while I certainly think they are a fun part of summer, I try to keep a few healthier alternatives on hand.
When my boys were smaller, one of their favourite afternoon pick-me-ups was a ricotta fruit fondue. This naturally sweet and creamy dip pairs well with all seasonal fruits, and adds a little extra fun to snack time when it’€™s turned into a simple fondue. I would let the kids skewer their favourite pieces of fruit onto a wooden stick’€”great for a boredom buster’€”and dip them in the sauce for a simple and tasty treat.

These are also great to serve at a party when you’€™re looking for a creative way to offer a platter of fruit to the kids. And I’€™m not going to lie’€”even the adults have been to known to sneak a few bites when the kids weren’€™t looking.

Find the full printable recipe here: Ricotta Fruit Fondue

What are some of your favourite healthier snacking options for summer?


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