Avoiding Summer Brain Drain


We know your kids are advanced, but even the brightest minds can get a bit stale when not properly stimulated. Avoid Summer Brain Drain this year with the kind of fun that makes kids smart’€”but not smart enough to know it’s good for them.
Unpack It
Kiwi Crate’s Summer Discovery Series
Summer helpers come in all forms. Take, for example, a monthly delivery from Kiwi Crate. Now available in Canada, the Summer Discovery box can inject some unexpected fun into the days you need it most. Kiwi Crate’€™s summer offer provides three months of discovery and scientific surprises brought right to your door for kids aged 3 to 7 years. (Starting at $12.95, Tell me more)

Make It
Eco-Dough Natural Play Dough
Preschoolers don’€™t need a ton of expensive technology to prep them for learning their ABCs. A simple container of Eco-Dough will come in handy in helping them to shape letters, numbers, words, colours and much more. ($30, Tell me more)

Explore It
Encourage them to explore the world this summer’€”without ever leaving home. Daily news/information sites intended for kids approach current events in an appropriate and stimulating way, helping them question and be interested in the world around them. (Free, Tell me more)

We have 13 more enlightening old-school tactics and modern apps in our guide to Avoiding Summer Brain Drain that will keep your superstars engaged and learning.


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