A Brunch of Fun: Fanny Chadwick’s

Eggs and Ham Benedict at Brunch

We are of the mindset that brunch is the most perfect meal ever. Which is why we are so stoked to have found Fanny Chadwick’s in the Annex, a spot that has bistro-class cooking with a comfortable vibe suitable for the kiddos.

And because the urchins know what they like, the ‘build your own benny’ option is particularly tantalizing. No meat, all veggie for one? No problem. Brisket or bacon on the other? Coming right up. Decadent Finnish pancakes with mango and passion fruit compote are also a hit and the Colonial Sticky Bun makes everything ooey-gooey and perfect.

Food quality is off the charts with ethically raised meats, poultry, fish and eggs while the cheese comes from Mennonite farms.

We like this brunch a whole bunch.

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