Compounding Cures


When noses are red and kids are feeling blue, but they won’€™t take their medicine’€”what’€™s a mom to do?
Mix things up and head on over to Apotheca Compounding Pharmacy and soon you’€™ll all be feeling a big sense of relief.

Compounding pharmacies are full-service pharmacies just like the big chains, but with built-in compounding labs. That means they can prepare customized medications for, say, treating that stubborn diaper rash or relieving sore and cracked breastfeeding nipples. For kids with allergies, a compounding pharmacy can prepare prescriptions that avoid certain allergic ingredients in standard medications.

But our favourite’€”since they have yet to make an oral antibiotic that even the bravest babe would take happily’€”is that the pharmacists at Apotheca know how to effectively combat kids’€™ objections over the poor taste of good medicine.

Present your prescription and they can flavour (with dye-free, sugar-free and all-natural ingredients) those bright pink or cloudy white antibiotic filled bottles with something more palatable for the kids. And for those who are even more particular, they can provide a specific flavouring (strawberry, banana and more) by request.

If the child still can’€™t get the medicine down orally, a compounding pharmacy can prepare a suppository so you can handle it on the other end. (Proof that moms really will do whatever it takes to get their kids healthy.)

Apotheca is also a full pharmacy in the normal sense of the word. Although, instead of carrying 16 different brands of the same pain medication, the boutique-sized shop carries a well-edited selection of items they have tested and know work best, like the Douglas Laboratories line of vitamins for the whole family.

Big chain pharmacies have their benefits, particularly if you want an enormous product selection or when there’€™s a late-night emergency run, but sometimes having a customized option that combines a holistic approach with the best of Western medicine, is just what the in-house doctor (also known as you) ordered.

No need for a spoonful of sugar. Try one of these 8 Compounding Pharmacies in Toronto to help the medicine go down.

Tested by Alison R., Toronto


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