Do What They Love, Love What They Do


If there is one thing we have learned, it’s that we should all follow our passions. It’s our job to help our kids find out what that passion is, and not all kids dream about hockey or ballet. Our gallery of 12 Cool Classes for Cool Kids might just be the spark that leads to a deep and abiding interest in an activity, sport, hobby or simply a fun-filled day.

I, Robot
Head down to TIFF Kids digiPlaySpace for a variety of emerging media and artistic workshops and stations. The kiddos will fall in love with the Modular Robotics area, where they can make their own unique robot using Cubelets (snap-together magnetic blocks that require no programming or wires). Prepare for the invasion of artificial intelligence! (Learn It!)

Rugby Tots 
So the kids make dandelion chains during soccer and have a strong dislike of ice? Maybe rugby is their thing instead. The no-contact Rugbytot play sessions are based on key motor skills such as passing, kicking, catching, running agility and awareness of space and balance. And they are a whole lot of fun! (Learn It!)

Play on. We’ve got 10 more awesome ways to learn and have fun in our 12 Cool Classes for Cool Kids in Toronto.



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