10 Amazing Reasons Why We Love Being a Mom


Since today is the day to celebrate love, we decided to focus on the kind of love that mothers have for their children. It’€™s the kind of pure, unadulterated love that fills every cell in our body – because that’€™s how much we love them (and not just when they’€™re napping).
You’€™re going to love our Amazing Reasons Why We Love Being a Mom.

Watching Them Get ‘€˜It’€™
Whatever milestone they’€™re reaching for – €”their first step, tying laces, letting go of the fear of the deep end –€”bearing witness to someone you love achieving their goal for the first time is seriously special (and inspiring).

The School Pick-Up Hug
These (unfortunately) have a time limit, but for as long as they last, that look of happiness/relief/excitement on our four year-olds’€™ faces as they run to us for a bear hug can’€™t be beat’€”by anything.

The Wide-Open Spaces
We love how our kids remind us that the possibilities are endless; that life is unmapped territory ready to be explored. With their optimism and unspoiled outlook, they give us a daily injection of Carpe Diem we’€™ll never get anywhere else.

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