42 Ways to Share the Love

SavvyMom January 16, 2017
38 Valentine's Day Lovelies: Crafts, Recipes, Activities and More

Moms don’t have a choice when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day. So get ready to embrace the day of love with these super fun and easy recipes, crafts and activities from our savvy bloggers. No running to the dollar store at the last minute this year for you. We have all the inspiration you need in this list of Valentine’s Day Lovelies.

Valentine’s Day Toddler Meals
Incorporating fun shapes into meals is a great way to entice picky toddlers to eat. We love these adorable ways to work Valentine’s Day hearts into the mix.
Cherry Marshmallows 
Pink-hued, cherry-flavoured homemade marshmallows are definitely the sweetest treat around.


Share the love. You’ll love the rest of these Valentine’s Day Lovelies.

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