End-of-Summer Bucket List


Excursions for everyone. Find out more.

Since we’re glass-half-full kind of girls, we view the last few weeks of summer as an opportunity to make the most of what we’ve got. Why not make some amazing memories with this summer bucket list of things you might not have checked off…yet.

Sugar Beach
‘I wish I had built fewer sandcastles,’ said no one ever. Head down to Sugar Beach with all the tools you need for some serious sand castle surveying—and get to work. Need some inspiration? Try recreating Hogwarts, Skylands, Ninjago or even the wonderful world of Oz. (Check it off)

Mount Nemo
Head west to Mount Nemo for a hike on the Niagara Escarpment, where the hiking isn’t too strenuous but the views are stupendous. Up on the cliffs you emerge from the wooded area to a breathtaking view, right at the level of the soaring turkey vultures. Bring a camera—and a picnic. (Check it off)

There is so much more fun to be had. Go now.


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