No More Bad Hair Days


Haircuts at Chiquicuts will have your kids begging for a trim. Find out more.

If getting your child to sit still for a haircut requires divine intervention, you need to go to Chiquicuts Kids Hair Salon. Preschoolers, toddlers and even babies with unruly hair will be calmed and charmed by the castle-themed atmosphere.

Kids will love going for a trim—whether they’re sitting in a pink roadster receiving the Princess Cut treatment, or playing with a Wii to keep the haircut squirms at bay. Note: There are mags for moms to sit and read while all this takes place. Who knew family haircuts could be so relaxing? When it’s all done, freshly shorn kids are rewarded with a treasure box surprise. And don’t forget to treat them (and yourself) to one of Bake Mob’s delicious cake pops, available on site.

If your child really falls for all that pampering, you can book a birthday party there, too. Little Cinderellas will love the ChiquiPrincess party, which comes with fancy up-dos, nail polish and a visit from a princess entertainer. Boys don’t have to be left out, though—their Pirate Party, including ‘beard’ face paint, swords and crimped hair worthy of a scurvy captain, is perfect for a mixed crowd.

If only we could buy a bottle of those magical calming powers, too.


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