How to Get Happy and Healthy Kids



Q: What do we want more than anything for our kids?

A: For them to be happy and healthy.

The trouble is that health and happiness aren’t things we can always control as parents. We set the stage and the environment, then we watch carefully. Fortunately, there are resources to help us assess whether or not our kids are on the right path.

The Child and Youth Assessment program at Medcan is an innovative program that examines the emotional and physical well-being of children aged 5–17 years old. It provides a baseline for a child’s physical health as well as their social well-being and cognitive development (read: the happiness factor). It can help prepare both the parent and the child for the developmental year ahead, by identifying if any issues exist, such as bullying, depression, anxiety, learning disorders or even giftedness.

Let’s be clear: this isn’t a one hour drop-in session. The assessment takes place over the course of two half days, divided between a two hour cognitive review and a five hour medical/social well-being component. It’s meant to complement the care provided by your family doctor or pediatrician.

What we appreciate about the program is the time that each physician and clinician spends with the children—from the nutritionist to the trainers to the psychologists, everyone takes the time to be thorough and get to the root of any issues that might exist. Reports and test results are produced at the end of each session (almost like magic) and are reviewed the same day with parents.

Out of the assessment comes resources, strategies and referrals, personalized to the needs of your child. And you feel like you are in control again.

Sure, there is broccoli, homework, sports, activities and manners involved—but they all point toward the same end game: keeping them happy and healthy for life.



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