A Yearly Birthday Questionnaire

a great birthday tradition to start with kids

I love the idea of interviewing kidsโ€”they often say the funniest things! I think it’s even sweeter to do it each year around their birthday, taking note of a few of that year’s favourite things (book, movie, breakfast food), not to mention important thoughts on friends, food, and family vacations.

While I didn’t start this yearly birthday keepsake with my older boys, I fully intend on doing it with my youngest son. I think sometime around age three is a good place to start, although you can certainly begin the tradition whenever it suits you. If you keep a baby book on hand, or a box where you place special mementos, print off the questionnaire, ask the questions, attach a current photo of your child and put it away until the following year when you repeat the activity and read through the previous year’s answers (you will love themโ€”I promise).

Here is a list of possible questions for your questionnaire, but feel free to get creative and include a few of your own, if desired.

  • My full name is:
  • I like to be called:
  • I am _____________ years old.
  • My favourite food is:
  • My favourite book is:
  • My favourite movie is:
  • If I could change my name it would be:
  • When I grow up I want to become a:
  • When I was little I used to:
  • My best friend is:
  • The snack I would eat every day if I could is:
  • My best memory is:
  • My favourite breakfast food is:
  • I want to go on vacation to:
  • My favourite toy is:
  • My favourite game is:
  • My favourite colour is:
  • My shoe size is:
  • My favourite thing to wear is:
  • I like my house because:
  • My signature looks like:

Tell us, do you do anything special to document your children’s childhood?


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