It’s a Kids’ Health Issue Too


Remember back to the time when your kids couldn’t speak? When they were sick, you had to determine what was wrong by the sound of their cry because they couldn’t tell you what was wrong. Often the symptoms were not easy to detect’an earache, a high temperature or sore gums.

That’s what it can be like for parents with children who have mental health issues. The symptoms can be very difficult to read and their children can’t always articulate clearly what is happening to them. Knowing what to look for is the first step.

That’s what Children’s Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) is for. They provide trusted resources for parents/families/caregivers to learn more about children’s mental health issues, the signs and where they can find help.

May 5 to 11 is Children’s Mental Health Week. CMHO is working to raise awareness of their resources for parents and youth who can use their help.

No two children are the same and the signs of mental health issues can be hard to read. Sometimes a trusted resource is all they need to feel more at ease.

Because keeping them healthy is about more than making them eat their broccoli.

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