Keep on Truckin’: 9 Toronto Food Trucks


We’€™ve all been out on a fun outing with the family when the question of lunch arises. You feel like you might cry if you have to face pizza or a chicken nugget meal one more time. That’€™s when we pat ourselves on the backs for having landed in Toronto, home to some of the finest food trucks on the continent and perfect for gourmet grab-and-go grub.
But how do you locate said trucks in this vast metropolis? Hipsters know, but for everyone else there is the Toronto Food Trucks website and app. You’€™ll find out which food trucks are in the city, when they’re open and where they’ll be’€”so you can do some planning. Links to Twitter and Facebook pages often reveal the daily menu.

Here’s a taste of some of the trucks you’ll find cruising the city:

Fidel Gastro’€™s
The granddaddy of all food trucks is Fidel Gastro’€™s. Best for bigger kids with bigger appetites, these offerings are a huge food experience. FG’€™s is famous for Sgt. Slaughter, a BBQ pulled pork sandwich with guacamole cream and crushed tortilla chips. Try the Sloppy Jose, featuring cola-braised brisket with home-style baked beans’€”because you can! (Tell me more)

Food Dudes
Kids will gobble down their fish when presented with Captain Crunch coated fish tacos. They’€™ll be equally enamoured with the banana nutella ‘€˜bomb’€™ dessert, and you’€™ll be scribbling down the dudes’ digits as potential caterers for your next grown-up party, too. (Tell me more)

If you’€™re still hungry, here are more Toronto Food Trucks to eat at with your family this summer.

Tested by Janice Q., Toronto


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