March Break Magic


We’€™ve been known to use the ‘€˜life is like a sport’€™ analogy from time to time: be a team player, always maintain a great attitude, do your best and never give up.
For moms, this is never truer than in the month of March when our version of ‘€˜March Madness’€™ kicks into full gear during the break. We’€™ve got you and your pint-sized team covered with spaces, places and spots to hit in the week ahead.

We know at some point we’€™ll be hanging up our coats and settling in to some serene minutes at Smock Cafe and Wonder Workshop.

The bright, warm and creatively infused cafe/event space on Roncesvalles has been inviting families in for classes, coffee and baked goods for a while, but over March Break week they offer morning and afternoon ‘€˜camps’€™ for kids.

You’€™ll have plenty of energy for the rest of the day after a morning spent there. Sign them up for the Creative Carousel Camp for kids ages 4 to 6, where improv games and art-inspired treasure hunts abound. Gup Gup Camp involves creating an original space galaxy as well as the popular Gup Gup figurine-making.

If your happy campers prefer non-camp activities, Smock is still worth a visit for the cafe experience alone. Picture enjoying the iPad all to yourself for an hour, while in the Wonder Workshop, your creative geniuses are occupied with feathers, bark, pom poms and buttons, and if they’€”or their artwork’€”gets stuck, a facilitator (note: not a babysitter) is there to keep the creative juices flowing.

If you’€™re wilting by Thursday night and need an extra injection of excitement, head back to Smock for an early evening performance with professional children’€™s entertainer Rob Joy.

Beyond March Break, we’€™ll be back to visit classes for the kids, adults and birthday parties, too.

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