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While we’€™re constantly amazed by the creativity of our kids, scrubbing crayon off the walls is not how we imagined spending our parenthood. So why not teach them to be ‘€˜art smart’€™?
Amaze Arts is a great place to start. In the Amaze Arts programs, Khalpana Nindrai uses the respected eduArt method, which combines art with academic principles. The goal is to help kids become both enthusiastic and capable artists.

Each course explains the academic skill sets taught during the creative process. Little ones in the preschool classes work with the five elements of shape and how they relate to creating letters and numbers. As the kids grow older, the lessons include using those shapes to recreate animals, natural settings and other objects, eventually exploring realistic, abstract and expressionistic styles. Media used includes: markers, pastels, watercolours, acrylics, coloured pencils and more. Amaze Arts also offers birthday parties for a minimum of 10 kids at the Midsun Community Centre, where the kids take home finished canvases (but book three months in advance’€”they’€™re that popular).

There are a range of classes for kids ages 3 to 15, including basic and preschool art to animation and clay for older kids. Classes are held once a week in Khalpana’€™s home studio, at Midsun Community Centre and spring classes are starting at the McKenzie Towne Association.

So whether you’€™re nurturing a new Picasso or simply letting your little ones unleash their creativity, you’€™ll be helping them grow their intellects at these 9 After School Classes for Kids in Calgary‘€”and that’€™s smart.

Tested by Robyn B., Calgary

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