Mobs On A Mission


We loooove children’s stories. And we love flash mobs! So when mom entrepreneur/genius Gretel Meyer Odell of Fancy Pants Kids fame came up with the idea for StoryMobs in and around Toronto, we were smitten kittens.

The premise is simple—you know the day and the story well in advance (for example: Green Eggs and Ham on December 14). Then the time and location is announced the day before (very cloak and dagger, no?). There’s even fun prep work sent to you so that you and the fam can play various roles in the fun interactive live reading of the story. The whole performance is complete with singing, dancing, props and vocal parts. Attendees are encouraged to bring a copy of the story for maximum participation, with the option to donate the tale to the Children’s Book Bank at the end of the festivities.

Signing up keeps you in the know about the secret location and how to prepare for the fun.

News flash—free fiction is fun for all. For more ways to have creative fun, check out these 7 Creative Spaces in Toronto.



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