Sink or Swim


Parenting children means occasionally feeling like you’€™re about to go off the deep end.
In this case, we highly recommend it.

Jump into the new year with a plan to bring the kids to the recently opened Regent Park Aquatic Centre‘€”a stunning new downtown swimming facility that offers fun for kids of every age (and their adult chaperones too).

Modern, beautiful, clean and welcoming may not come to mind when you consider all corners of our world-class city, but you’€™ll see what we mean as soon as you lay eyes on this contemporary aquatic facility that offers three pools: a large warm kiddie pool area with spouting water sprays and in-pool bubblers, a warm therapy pool for adults only and a six-lane deep-end lap pool with diving boards.

Add to the fun a winding slide (note that the height requirement means most kids under six may not be tall enough), a Tarzan-style rope for swinging into the deeper lap pool and clean bright unisex changing facilities, and you have a public pool that pulls families with babies up to teenagers (as well as older patrons) into its inclusive realm.

Keep the pool toys at home if you prefer’€”the centre provides tons of tiny boats, squirty animals, flutter boards and life jackets, and the young staff are friendly, polite and keep a close eye out for any over-exuberant play, especially in the kiddie pool area.

Free parking (yes, really) is available on the adjacent side street or find metered parking on Dundas Street directly in front of the entrance. Swimming classes for babies, toddlers and older kids (and adults) are available, as are a host of other aquatic programs.

Learning how to sink or swim is one of life’€™s big lessons, but having fun is the goal. Check out our 11 Favourite Spots to Take the Kids in Toronto.

Tested by Alison R., Toronto


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