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Kidville offers every solution to your recreation needs. Find out more.

Kidville is everything we ever wanted—and more—in a kids’ recreation centre.

For one thing, it appeals so completely to our love of clean, modern lines that we want to move in. But this isn’t about us—it’s about the kids. And they went nutty for the arts and science classroom, filled with rolls of primary coloured paper, endless jars of craft supplies and an oversized map of the world. The music room, with guitars and drums, had them salivating and fully anticipating the Rockin’ Railroad class. And the indoor playspace, stocked with climbing wall, zip line and uneven bars, had them overjoyed. Don’t forget the soft Wiggle room for the wee babes and the hardcourt gym, complete with basketball hoop.

Here’s how it works—you pull up to Kidville and they valet park your car, seriously. Classes range from newborn to age 6 and encompass sports, music, dance and gym. (Pay $400 for 16 weeks, which includes a silver membership, getting you into free play in the aforementioned awesome gym and other perky perks.) And there’s also birthday parties, in every theme, with every possible amenity looked after. The boutique store at the front desk offers charming and original clothes, toys and gifts. There are also preschool and after-school options.

We love you, Kidville, and we ain’t never leavin’.


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