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The Skinny on the Slopes


We’d like to go skiing with the kids, but taking a preschooler to crowded Collingwood on a weekend to teach them to ski isn’t exactly what we had in mind. And we’d feel like we won the lottery if ever we were able to get a spot in the city’s fabulous but always-booked programs. So we were stoked when we found out that our preschooler could learn the basics at the Indoor Alpine Ski and Snowboard Centre.

How does indoor skiing and snowboarding work? The ‘slopes’ are equipped with special rolling carpets that move uphill as you move downhill—kind of like a treadmill for alpine sports. An instructor is there to explain how to use the carpet and to stop it in case of falls.

This facility has two slopes with adjustable inclines and speeds, and offers top-rate instruction in skiing and snowboarding for eveyone from the wee littles to elite racers. All equipment is provided. Give it a go yourself! It’s a lot more fun than sipping Starbucks by the sidelines, plus this will get us in prime skiing shape.

Birthday parties here are also a hit, so for the kid who’s done simply everything, consider a session at Alpine for a celebration that’s a little different.

After a few weeks of lessons, our little buddy will have conquered the bunny hill and be showing us up on real-world slopes in no time.

We’ve got more ways to expand their athletic adventures. Just keep clicking to see the rest of our 7 Cool Fitness Classes for Kids.


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