Where to Go for Kid-Friendly Brunch


We adore brunch. It’s our absolute favourite meal. But the trendy spots with the funky servers are not always the best fit with our new reality. We need kid-friendly food fast, in a setting that can’t be easily destroyed. Think crayons, not crystal. We’ve rounded up the best of the brunch bunch so that we can all enjoy the best meal ever. Because no, it’s not the same made at home.

Smash Kitchen
Perfect for the east end and beyond crew, Smash Kitchen in Unionville offers up delicious food and is completely at home with feeding and serving kids. Plus, their French toast is made with actual cubes of challah and their meatloaf is woven with bacon. Omelettes are top notch, as are the crab cakes, and the vibe is very nice and welcoming.

Supreme Bar & Grill 
A Savvy staff favourite when in Burlington, we find there’s great value here, with good food being served at very reasonable prices. The staff are friendly and efficient and we like the large, bright space.

East enders will love this east-Beaches neighbourhood joint. It’s affordable, fast, and the kids’ menu gets two thumbs up from our crew. They also have additional overflow seating upstairs for busy brunch mornings. ViVetha has three other sister locations in the GTA—most recently a new one in Stouffville.

Keep clicking. We’ve got 17 more spots we love across the GTA in our guide to Best Family Brunch Spots in Toronto.



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