18 Slow Cooker Recipes and Tips

Slow Cooker

Maybe you have a slow cooker and you love it, or maybe you have one and you barely use it (except for chili). Maybe you’re thinking of buying one. Whatever your slow cooker situation is at home, we think you’ll love this list of our Best Slow Cooker Recipes and Tips on how to use it so your dinner is perfect every time. Because even though they tell us the slow cooker does all the work, we know who really does.

Turkey Meatballs with Apple Barbecue Sauce
These seasonal meatballs are sure to be a hit with your family (they’re especially great for toddlers) and can be served on their own, over a bed of brown rice, or in a whole grain bun for a healthy update on the traditional sub-shop sandwich.
Slow Cooker Chili Mac 
Perfect for weekends, this dish combines two fall favourites—mac n’ cheese and chili—into a comforting one-pot meal the whole family will love.

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