All Dolled up


Christmas shopping season is officially open, and we’ll be wrapping things up in no time with a simple visit to the new American Girl Boutique in the Chapters on Rideau Street.

We were already fans of the American Girl book series, which features everything from stories about Saige and her horses, to ‘teacher’ and ‘fashion designer’ play sets, to guides on manners and saving money. But the boutique offers something new—access to the amazing line of actual dolls.

Choose one of the standard dolls, each with her own personality (Isabelle for dance lovers, or Julie for basketball), or have a custom doll made to match your daughter’s hair and eye colour. Then, indulge in the most adorable of accessories, from skates and skis to roller blades and even wheelchairs. Big gifts come in the form of beds, bathtubs, or moon chairs with an iPod attachment, but we also love their stocking-ready little presents like puppy pets, eye glasses, and doll-sized science kits.

If you’re fortunate enough to already have an American Girl doll in the family, consider a spa day with the girls. Your doll will be seated in a tiny cosmetics chair, and be treated to a fancy hairdo or ear piercing—for plastic ears!

This holiday season, we’re looking forward to being all dolled up.

Whether you’re looking for a great birthday gift for your favourite little one or getting a head start on your Christmas list, we’ve got 13 Cool Kids Stores in Ottawa to make it happen.



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