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Statistics on moms, a reminder to get the flu shot, raising readers, a new place to shop and a very brief crack at the Mayor is what I’ve got this week. So much more caught my attention but this is all I can give you for now.
1. I was interested to read the latest Modern Mom Report issued by Environics Communications. It’s filled with all kinds of compelling data about moms today, and the differences between Millennials (GenY), GenXers and Baby Boomer moms. Interestingly, despite their demographic profile, most moms agreed on what their top priority is. Of the estimated 9.8 million mothers in Canada who care for their children, manage household tasks and finances, and take care of their family, health easily makes the top of the list. Not surprisingly, 73% are willing to pay more for foods that are healthier and eight out of 10 say they regularly put the health of their children ahead of their own. On a related note, mom’s top desire is to have more ‘me-time’, and the number one way she’d spend it is by devoting it to her physical well-being. In fact, almost half wish for more time to learn about health and nutrition.

2. If that’s the case, it’s a no brainer that moms should all be lining up to get the flu shot for their family. Right now. Watch this video that Sarah and I, along with some of our esteemed colleagues in the mom media, volunteered to participate in with Dr. Arlene King. We did it because we like to promote small acts that make a big difference—that’s what the flu shot is. Even busy moms can (and should) fit the flu shot into their hectic schedules. If you’re on the fence about getting the shot, consider some of these facts: the flu can lead to 1000 hospitalizations and approximately 300 deaths in Ontario annually. This is especially concerning since rates of flu infection are highest in kids 5–9 years old, and rates of serious illness and death are highest in children under 2. I think those stats speak for themselves—visit the Ontario Flu website for your nearest clinic administering the shot this season.

3. We also know that moms are concerned with education, and that starts with reading. We all want to raise readers, and the best way to get them to read is to find books that they’ll enjoy. Therein lies the challenge. I can tell you from experience that getting older kids (boys, especially) to read is even more challenging. For help, I turned to the Google machine and found a Toronto-based blog run by a former English teacher (what luck). Great Reads for Teens is not only a great place to find book ideas, but will be a new member of our blog community on SavvyMom—so you’ll hear more from Christine on how to raise readers and what books to get them.

Great Reads for Teens

4. Have you heard of BRIKA? It was started by two Canadian women who are serious about beautifully hand crafted items and celebrating the artisans who create them. They believe that our lives are as beautiful as we wish to make them (that sounds good). Now that we have Etsy Canada and BRIKA, our holiday shopping is going to be so artisanal. Speaking of Etsy Canada, check out SavvyMom’s curated page to see the latest items that have caught our eye. I’m excited to start shopping, are you?


5. It doesn’t seem right to write a blog today without mentioning our #drunkenstupor Mayor. Despite the fact that he is trending globally and the entire world has a comment, I am still struggling with what to say—especially to my kids. My biggest issue is that society is making a joke out of the fact that an elected official, a man who is meant to be a leader, a pillar of our community (and arguably a person for our kids to look up to), admits to smoking crack cocaine and is asking for forgiveness and the ability to move on. What does this tell our kids? What are you telling your kids?

Rob Ford

Have a great week. Try not to get too distracted with the mayoral saga and remember to stop and reflect on November 11.



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