Video Games Be Gone


Tired of telling your child to put down their video game already? Take them to Exit Canada in Richmond, where they can escape to Ancient Egypt…for real.

With props and sound effects, Exit Canada is a dream come true for your little Indiana Jones. Participants are given 45 minutes and two lanterns to solve riddles and follow clues that will lead them to freedom. Good to know: this event is not for kids who are afraid of the dark or claustrophobic.

While there are several different rooms to choose from, the Lost Ship and Ancient Egypt rooms are best for kids (who must be at least 6 years old to play). Each room can take a maximum of 6 players, and an adult needs to be one of them.

We love that unlike video games, Exit is about working together as a team to solve problems. Birthday boys and girls are free if it’s their actual birthday, and 50% off if it’s within 2 days.

What’s to gain by escaping the room? Fortune and glory, kid, fortune and glory—and a private victory for mom that the kids were device-free for an hour.

We’ve got 10 more ways to keep them away from their screens in our 11 Places to Take Kids to Play in Vancouver.


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