Yoga in a Flash: YogaBe in the PATH

SavvyMom January 26, 2017

Yoga should feel good and be relaxing, not cause more stress than it cures. But between kids, work and life, getting zen can feel pretty out of reach.

Enter YogaBe, a gift for those of us who work or play near downtown. Conveniently located in the PATH (so we don’t have to brave those icy winds) the studio offers a variety of classes, including a brief 45-minute lunch class each weekday. We also adore the genius 3 pm ‘Better than a Coffee Break’ session—20 minutes of poses we can do in our work clothes.

YogaBe is proof that we don’t have to spend an hour and a half in a yoga class to reap the benefits. Any form of movement is better than slumping over our desks, or worse, turning to sugar for a pick-me-up. And because it is so convenient, it’s easier to make a weekly or even daily habit. That all adds up to more energy and less stress—better for us, our workplace and definitely our families.

Whether you’re looking to work out or get well, we’ve got the Toronto fitness, yoga, and wellness spot for you.


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