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SavvyMom March 31, 2016

Home may be where your heart is, but is it where all your old junk is, too?
If you’€™re unnecessarily storing items you don’€™t need/use/want or can’€™t-believe-you-ever-spent-money-on-but-still-can’€™t-justify-throwing-out, a purge could be in order. Dozens of agencies, services, and drop-off centres around the city are willing to take most of it off your hands, often for a good cause.

Once you’€™re ready to kick it to the curb, here’€™s who to call:

Let’€™s start with the giant box or closet that holds your wedding dress. If you’€™re no longer feeling sentimental, and want to reclaim that real estate in your much-needed storage area, post your gown on Canadian-run Pre-Owned Wedding Your dress might find a loving new home, and earn you some money in the process.

If you’€™re not into Craigslist or Kijiji, you can find new life for old toys and/or clothing at a local consignment store, but you’€™ll have to take the stuff there yourself. If you’€™re looking to have it picked up, there are a host of charitable organizations that will do just that. Goodwill is one we have used in the past, as is the Canadian Diabetes Association’€™s Clothesline. The Salvation Army has drop bins scattered all over the city, and smaller organizations like the Society of St.Vincent dePaul and the local chapter of the Ontario Federation of Cerebral Palsy accept donations regularly.

To rid your home of ‘€˜e-waste’€™ (TVs, remotes, cell phones, DVD players and more), Best Buy stores across Canada will accept and safely recycle them, maximizing any reusable parts. For computers, printers, photocopiers, fax machines and more, ReBoot Canada is the best medicine for ridding yourself of old digital devices.

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