Don’t Stuff It…Store It


The talk these days is all about de-cluttering, streamlining, simplifying. Clear out your wardrobes, de-clutter your bookshelves and streamline your remote control system.
Clutter is out.

Less is more.

We get it, but as moms, we also know that a de-cluttered home is a worthy aspiration with lots of barriers to getting there. You might run an at-home business and desperately need a place to store inventory or trade show materials. Maybe you have furniture from an old family home you want to hang on to for sentimental reasons but there’s not enough space in your current family home right now to keep it. That old sofa is going to the cottage in the summer but has nowhere to live until the winter is over. You’ve got a bit of a holiday season decoration fetish, you’re tired of tripping over the skis, the hockey bag, the snowmobile…the list goes on.

What do the clutter police say about these scenarios?

Four words. All Canadian Self-Storage.

But don’t let the “SELF” word fool you into thinking it is too much work. In fact, at All Canadian Self-Storage (ACSS) you have options and their team is definitely there to help.


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