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A certain green amphibian has been widely quoted of late saying ”It’s not easy being green”. You’ve heard it before, but old Kermit didn’t quite see what was ahead of him. He certainly did not know how true his words would be for the modern day mom.

We moms are swimming in news and products about what is green and what is not, how much we are helping and how much are we ruining the planet with our everyday actions.

But we found a place on the World Wide Web that offers help and it comes from a small green insect this time—or at least the name of one. That’s right: Green Cricket is a new green living online store that we think will make your life easier. Not only does it sift through the many products we need, but it sells them to us at decent prices and (here’s the real catch) delivers them to your door.

Let’s review. You want to be more green but you’re not sure what products are the most green. Green Cricket understands that ‘green’ is a spectrum and they don’t pretend to be a regulator or certifying body. They will tell you how the products measure up though and will explain it to you with their own rating system.

Wondering what you can buy from this little green insect? Let’s talk about bulk products like toilet paper, paper towel or firelogs (always fun to carry). How about all the cleaning products you need to keep your home green and clean? There’s even toys, yoga gear, pet supplies coffee beans—and chocolate, all better environmentally-friendly choices. We picked up some Earth Friendly Ice Melt ($11.99), some NatureClean floor cleaner ($4.99) and a bulk pack of Fiesta toilet tissue ($12.99).

Back to the delivery part…it takes three days from the time of order and is free for orders over $75. Just pick your time.

And remember, that delivery truck goes out in the cold so you don’t have to (and neither does your carbon foot print).

Savvy Special: Enter code SAVVYMOM and receive 10% off any purchase until Feb 28, 2009.

Green Cricket


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