Geo T.O.


A treasure hunt in your bedroom = fun.A treasure hunt in the park = more fun.
A treasure hunt all over T.O. = super fun!

If your little pirates and princesses are adventurous and looking for some summer fun, geocaching may be the perfect outdoor treasure-hunt for you. Challenging, fun and done in the great outdoors on your own schedule, geocaching has become the go-to activity for many adventurous moms in the know.

So what is it? Geocaching combines modern technology (global positioning—aka GPS) and old-fashioned gaming (hide and go seek) to create a fun adventure that kids love. In the past decade enthusiasts from around the world have hidden 839,189 geocaches all over the planet. The geocaches themselves are nothing too special—usually a plastic container with a log book (to show that you were there) and trinkets like marbles or small toys to plunder, but the fun is in the finding.

Good to know: Your kids are free to take a trinket from the cache if they replace it with one of their own. Don’t forget to bring something small for your kids to leave behind.


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