Undercover Operatives


Sempre ubi sub ubi. The Romans must have been thinking of moms when this delightful phrase “always wear underwear” was coined. SavvyMoms know that the difference between looking good and looking great is often due to what’s going on underneath it all. To keep up with the latest in foundation garments—a girl’s real best friend—we checked in with the legendary Diane Thomson of Vancouver’s long-established Dianes Lingerie, and have a few gems to pass along.
For moms, Diane and her fitting fanatics address some special issues, like making sure our ‘girls’ are at the right height, keeping the great divide between the peaks in check and helping us with high beams. Without properly fitted hardware regardless of size, women can expect bad posture, back issues, gravitational pull and stretch marks. Yikes! Dianes boasts an inventory of more than 7,000 bras, plus panties, sleepwear, camisoles, robes and so on. But it’s the shapewear that’s got Diane’s team excited this season. Smooth and seamless is the name of the game.


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