Picture This


Strike a pose! Say Cheese! Take your finger out of your nose!
Of course, our little darlings are perfect every time we put a lens in front of them (and if they’re not, we just delete) but sometimes we like to get ourselves in the shot too.

For this otherwise impossible task (most moms are invisible when it comes to the family album), we might need to call in the pros. They really can turn your family into a printable work of art, but they are a luxury…especially in these, shall we say, challenging times.

As usual, we found a solution and it involves the word party—yes, a photo party. Shutterbug’s Photography, owned and operated by savvy parents Shannon Hilton and Larry Jackson, packs up their equipment and comes to you, setting up their portable studio in your home or backyard (weather permitting) and taking photos of your family and all your friends’ families, too. The best part is that Shutterbug’s waives their sitting fee at Home Portrait Parties so your family’s participation (and that of your guests) is free.


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