Doe a Deer


One of the things we look forward to every summer is our annual visit to Le Parc Oméga, where the deer and the antelope roam. It’s a “drive-thru” habitat for up-close observation of about a dozen different species of wandering animals including deer, bison and wild boar. It is an absolute hoot and the whole family loves it.
Here’s the best part: feeding the deer is encouraged! Just make sure it’s good stuff. You can buy carrots on site but you’re better off bringing your own. A two pound bag of carrots for each person will avert backseat arguments. Breaking the bigger ones into thirds will make them last a little longer. And spread out the carrot feeding so it lasts the entire circuit.

There is no fooling the deer. They’ll see you coming from a mile away, recognizing you as the Food Delivery System you have become. In fact, the deer will gladly stuff themselves into any passing car in search of food. Keep your doors closed and windows open part-way. That is, unless you want to be covered in slobber, in which case please go right ahead. (Kids do find deer slobber totally hilarious.)


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