Give a Game


In our blind determination to make everything perfect during the holidays, it’s sometimes hard to remember the true meaning of it all.
Today we’re asking you to take a breath and step back for a minute because we’re pretty sure you’ll agree with us when we remind you (gently) that the holidays are all about the gift of giving, not getting.

Sadly, we know there are many who don’t have the luxury of worrying about pulling off the perfect holiday season. They don’t have a long list of must-have toys to be consumed with. They are the patients at SickKids who will be spending their holidays in the hospital this year. So we’re renewing our annual SickKids Holiday Campaign in support of patient-focused initiatives at the hospital. In the past three years, SavvyMom readers have generously contributed over $30,000.

This year, we’re raising funds for the SickKids Interactive Technology Fund, an initiative developed by a SavvyDad and father of Benny—our little friend who was in and out of the hospital many times during the first year of his life with heart complications. Monies raised will buy educational gaming systems, video consoles and televisions for patients throughout the hospital. We know that toys and games make all children happy, but for these small—and ill—patients, gaming systems and interactive toys help reduce their anxiety—and bring a well-distracted smile to their young faces.


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