Help for the Holidays

SavvyMom March 31, 2016

This time of year help comes in many forms.
In comes in the dozens of gift bags we’€™ve hoarded all year, the easy-to-find holiday decorations we (thankfully) stored properly last season, and the happy realization that it’€™s someone else’€™s turn to host the family dinner.

Here at Savvy HQ, we’€™ve got more help for you, because we know you can use it. Our local list of holiday helpers includes goods, services, and places in the city that can assist in keeping you sane’€”even serene’€”until the holidays wrap up.

Debating over the role of designated driver can definitely dampen the fun. Celebrate the season with a glass half-empty, and hitch a ride home with Not to be confused with a taxi or car service, will come to your location and drive you, and your car, home from anywhere around the GTA (and beyond). The cost is based roughly on a ‘€˜cab fare and a half’€™, and you can either pre-book or call that night if you find you’€™ve decided to indulge. It’€™s great for events around town, but even better for ones when you have to drive outside your usual four-mile quadrant. We love that your car is in the driveway the next morning.

Speaking of indulging, if you rarely dress up, it’€™s easy to make a statement this season. Toronto has a slew of great consignment and vintage shops carrying designer and not-so-designer fare, to help you stand out for any holiday soiree. Stores like Haute Classics are stocked with items that will make you look and feel original, even if the clothes are not.

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