It’s On the Way


Now that the snow has finally melted, it’s time to step out a little more.
So if you’re looking for a new take on your usual walk around the block, an outing with your moms’ group or a change from the typical Bloor or Queen Street-type destinations, make tracks to one of our favourite (and increasingly family-friendly) strolls, the Eglinton Way. It’s a nine-block stretch along Eglinton Avenue West between Oriole Parkway and Chaplin Crescent, and it’s got a lot going on beyond the fashion boutiques it was once known for.

Park your car in the Green P lot. With a Starbucks on the east end at Castlenock and a Second Cup on the west end at Heddington, you can refill before the journey begins (remember, there’s no such thing as tired, just under-caffeinated).

First, make your way east towards Avenue Road for a poke around at Oink Oink, one of the city’s best toy stores, to pick up a birthday present or two. Next, a quick jaunt across Avenue Road will get you to the new northern outpost of Queen Street’s The Healthy Butcher, which is opening this week just in time for BBQ season, organic-style.

Coming back along Eglinton on the south side of the street, stop in at Madison Shoes (kind of a toy store for moms, really). With its dizzying array of well-priced shoes, you’ll be sure to find something you ‘need’. Down the block, check out Forest Hill Apothecary for the city’s best selection of BPA-free drinkware for adults and kids. From Sigg to Wee-Go to Foogo, they have them all. Pick up a bottle of X3 Clean Foaming Hand Sanitizer too. Exclusive to Forest Hill Apothecary in Canada, the alcohol-free antimicrobial is more effective, less sticky and less ‘sting-y’ on little hands.


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