One Less Meal to Make

Quick, name the one thing that is the bane of your existence on weekday mornings—besides getting out of bed, of course.
Chances are if you’re like many of us with school-aged kids, the most dreaded morning chore you face is making lunches: the constant need to be inventive, the challenge to find something the kids will actually eat, the chronic guilt induced by stuffing too many nutritionally deficient snacks into the bag while thinking about all the plastic heading for the garbage. (Shame.)

Enter FUNchboxes—an Almonte, Ontario-based company that can do the job for you, at least some of the time.

The brainchild of Dr. Sonja Wicklum, a doctor with a special interest in nutrition, FUNchboxes sends healthy lunches into schools for kids whose parents have ordered them.

Intended for kindergarten to grade eight students, FUNchbox meals are made fresh daily, are high in fruits, vegetables and fibre, and are designed by health-care professionals. They’re delivered throughout the Ottawa area, not just inside the greenbelt, but as far and wide as Greely, Carp, Carleton Place and Barrhaven. Delivery to areas east of the city, like Orleans, is expected to start soon.


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