Just the Ticket


Taking the kids to the theatre might have seemed like a lofty aspiration (akin to sleeping past 6 am). But kids grow up, and though it can be bittersweet, there are benefits.
Celebrate the dawn of a new age (with kids roughly five and up) by taking them to a don’t-miss production of The Railway Children, a new and notable show hitting the Toronto theatre scene. The story (first published in the early 1900’s) was first made into a film in the 70’s and since 2005, has been an award-winning play in the UK.

The Railway Children follows three young siblings—Roberta, Peter, and Phyllis—as they cope with the changes in their life that led them to reside near a railway. A storyline that involves Russian exiles, poverty, and possible espionage may not seem likely to capture the attention of kids, but the well-acted, well-told and well-designed production will captivate most. The contrast of the era in which the story takes place (early 1900’s) won’t be lost on them, nor will its entertaining delivery of the key messages—loyalty, love, doing right by others, and appreciating the simpler pleasures.


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