Lattes and Liver Treats


Move over, Rover, there’s a new game in town.
Apparently it’s not just strollers that are taking over the coffee shops in Ottawa these days. It’s actually our canine friends. What’s good for new moms (namely coffee and friends) is good for pet owners, too—that’s the thinking behind Wag Pet Shop, Ottawa’s first pet-friendly café.

Just as being the harried moms of two month-old colicky babies gave you something to bond over with new friends, being the owners of dogs who can be dirty, rambunctious and rebellious gives you something to bond over with others in the same boat. This is not like sheepishly bringing your mud-spattered, drooling beast into the upscale neighbourhood Starbucks. Wag’s Doggin’ It Café welcomes your madcap, four-legged companion with open arms, grimy paws and all.

Wag, which bills itself as “a posh shop for spoiled pets,” is not brand new anymore, but it’s certainly worth knowing about if you’re a coffee-loving dog owner who likes to be out and about with Rufus in tow. Serving Joe the Dog Coffee (try Bad Dog dark roast, Gotta Go medium morning blend or Neutered Dog decaf), this Bank Street shop is a community hub for dog owners in search of good company, good coffee and a little retail therapy on the side. Teetotalers can choose from black teas to herbal and green tea blends to chai tea lattes. Bring your laptop and grab a table—Wag offers free Wi-Fi.


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