Keeping the Flame Alive


Have things dried up a bit since LBK (life before kids)?
Here’s the thing: you need to have dates with your beloved. We’ve found some destinations, around the city and online, that might just hit the spot.

Where to head first? That choice can be made on a new site for couples called, where you can reveal your desires to your partner through playing games and bartering for things you really want from each other (like washing dishes in exchange for football TV time). Launched recently by a Canadian couple, Tokii (translates into ‘hopeful’ or ‘sometimes’) aims to leverage the fun and excitement we experience by connecting with our friends online through social media (think teenage texting addictions) and applying it to couples. It’s a social media site for busy couples. Then you can take that fun offline for date night. It can be as risqué, or as relaxed as you make it, and you might even find out something you didn’t know about yourself and your relationship.


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