Natural Treats


Summer is good for the soul for so many reasons. More sunshine, more fresh air, more long weekends spent with our families. And to nourish the soul, there is fresh-to-die-for summer produce.
To celebrate summer’s bounty we have some very simple recipe ideas for each of our fave treats that are available this season.

We all know peaches are yummy sliced and diced in yogurt, on top of ice cream and in pies and crumbles. But have you ever grilled a peach on the Q before? It tastes great as a side with pork or fish. Simply peel and slice the peach in half, then remove the pit. Sprinkle with lemon juice and cover with plastic wrap until ready to cook. Over a low flame, place the flat side of the peach on the grill and let sit until the grill marks make it (and you) look professional. Note that this recipe works best on peaches that are not quite ripe as they are more solid and the grilling brings out the flavour.


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