The Handmade Tale


Or∙na∙ment (noun) – something that decorates or adds beauty to something else.
Like anything else, the holidays become more special once you add your unique touch. Whether it’s the way you trim your tree or deck out your mantle, handmade details can make your holiday home truly a thing of beauty.

It’s just that we all need a little help to add that special touch (because even Santa has helpers). For inspiration, we’ve found two special places to help you add that handmade touch to your holiday home. You can take the credit or not…but either way your home will look lovely.

Bluebird Handmade
One of our loyal readers first introduced us to this sweet little spot on Bathurst Street just north of Bloor. It’s where Crystal Silden and Marjorie Campbell have taken their passion for all things handmade and created a haven that is part classroom, part shop and part craft cupboard. Bluebird hosts classes for adults and kids to introduce them to fun, nature-inspired crafts and old-world techniques like felting.


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