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Just because we’re moms doesn’t mean we’re completely immune to the primal “gotta have it” urge which strikes when we spot that special something. We succumbed recently when we discovered a must-have accessory in Davie & Chiyo’s clutch purses, (they just ooze Carrie Bradshaw). As if we needed persuading, here’s four reasons why a Davie & Chiyo clutch belongs in our closet or in the closet of someone we love this holiday season.
Practically Chic
Every Davie & Chiyo clutch is handmade by two Vancouver sisters, Himi and Fumi Bull. While beautifully designed, these little bags are inspired by practicality. Just the right size, the clutch is small enough to be the perfect party accessory, and still holds all those things we can’t leave home without: lipstick, PDA, keys and wallet. Even the clasp of the clutch, described as a kiss-lock clasp, is worth a rave. Modeled on early Japanese designs, the clasp looks pretty, locks securely and can hang easily from a purse hook (at last, an end to having your clutch kicked around under the table).

Limited Beauty
Someone showing up at a party with the same purse is a close second to the dreaded “same dress” foul. Happily, Davie & Chiyo customers don’t need to worry about this offence, because each clutch is a unique piece. Himi and Fumi are fabric fanatics. They’re constantly on the prowl for exciting new fabric and, when they find it, they don’t buy it in bulk. One of our favourite clutch designs, an ivory chrysanthemum on deep brick red ($85), is made from a vintage silk kimono sent to the sisters by their father in Japan. Delight as you open your clutch, because the contrasting, luminous silk lining will elicit a gasp or two. Just remember that “unique” also means limited quantity, so buy it PDQ if you love it.

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