The New Brew


If you are like most parents, nights filled with nursing, teething, bedwetting and nightmares has probably made you a little more than devoted to your daily cups of coffee or (worse) Diet Coke.
But what if you could drink a cup of something that perks you up and delivers a mug full of health benefits like hydration, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and immunity boosters?

There’s no question that tea is the new brew these days, so it’s time to convert if you haven’t already (and we’re not talking about grandma’s Red Rose). If you want to see how yummy tea can be, you need to stop into one of Toronto’s newest tea houses, Davids Tea.

Why do we love Davids Tea? Because they have 120 different varieties of tea and a staff that is smart enough, helpful enough and friendly enough to find you the perfect fit. The Montreal-based company, which now has three shops in Toronto, knows that ordering a cup of tea can be intimidating (think back to your virgin Starbucks experience ten years ago), so they coach you through the process. Davids Tea will brew you a cup onsite or guide you through how to DIY at home. (We think the Pumpkin Chai Latte might just be fall’s best beverage, make sure to try one while you’re there.)

Tea’s a little complicated at first (then again, we used to feel that way about espresso), so we’ve put together a quick guide to get you started.

Black Tea
Best for: A good morning buzz
Why we love it: Black teas are tea leaves that are oxidized (the reason they are black) and generally contain more caffeine than their non-oxidized cousins (oolong, green and white teas). Unlike coffee, black tea gives you a boost, but also lowers stress, fights bad breath and prevents tooth decay. Plus medical research shows that black teas lower the risk of heart attack, stroke and lower bad cholesterol.
What to try: Cream of Earl Grey. If you like vanilla in your coffee, you’ll like that Davids Tea added this delicious flavour to the classic Earl Grey, which gives it a rich, creamy taste.


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