Ending Food Feuds


There are three words guaranteed to stir a mother’s emotions (and not necessarily in a good way) every time they are uttered: “What’s for dinner?”
June Cleaver made it look easy, but in the real world the planning and prep is overwhelming—and the reception can be downright discouraging. Many of us have at least one picky eater in the house, or someone starting on solids (or who likes to fling solids). At the table, we punish them, we bribe them and we entertain them just to get our kids to eat what we serve. All the while, that little nag inside our heads reminds us that we aren’t encouraging good eating habits and that our kids probably aren’t getting all of the nutrients they need. Lucky for us, we found Vitamin K.

Vitamin K doesn’t come in a pill or a liquid. This Vitamin K comes in the form of a dynamic and creative dietician, Kristen Yarker-Edgar, who specializes in helping families eat well without the fuss. Kristen launched her business after working for the BC Ministry of Health to formulate our province’s nutritional guidelines for pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants and young children. She is now bringing her expertise into our homes to help with a host of food issues, such as tricky taste buds, introducing solids and mind games at mealtime. This ‘Picky-Eater Whisperer’ starts at the scene of the crime, your kitchen table, and quickly analyzes your family’s eating habits. She then assesses each member’s nutrition needs and collaboratively develops step-by-step strategies to get all of your family eating right…all without the stress that comes with force-feeding broccoli.


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