Time Warp


The funny thing about kids is they force you to see time in a whole new dimension. The days can be long, but the years are so short. A ten-minute car ride can seem an eternity but an hour nap is never long enough.
Luckily there are some parents who have taken the bull by the horns (so to speak) and are striving to make life easier and more fun for mom and dad (ahem)—especially on those days that seem just a tad too long. Not surprisingly, as parents themselves, they are simply filling what they see as a void in our kid-centred society.

Meet Lucy Benayon, SavvyMom to Benjamin (3) and Liam (3 months), owner of The Orange Dot Parenting Centre and dancer/fitness guru. Lucy felt the need for a supportive environment, a place where moms could go and learn, work out and bond with each other after the birth of her first son. The Orange Dot was born out of this desire and now moms can sign up for her popular prenatal education classes, her postnatal Butt Kicking classes (while the kids play) or the brand new Staying Alive classes. The space is clean, fresh and inviting- the perfect respite for a sleep deprived mom and busy toddler! And here’s some news you can use! The Orange Dot is running a March Break special—free classes for moms and kids from March 12–16. Hurry now and book your classes online!


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