Fine Lines


It’s not often you see a man ecstatic about test-driving a turquoise fibreglass armchair rocker, but that was the recent scene at INHABIT, the Yaletown retailer of designer wares for home and family.
He had come running after receiving an urgent cell phone call from his pregnant wife (okay, we eavesdropped, but it was pretty tough not to, because she was REALLY excited). “Trust me”, she’d emphasized into the phone as she stroked the molded back of the chair. “Just get down here”. Then, to the clerk: “Do you know how hard it is to find stuff like this in Vancouver?”

Well, it’s not so hard any more. Thanks to the labours of owner Insun Jung—who was literally going into labour with her first child while putting the finishing touches on her shop—Vancouverites now have improved access to designer goods from Europe, Japan and the States.

And while you pay for the added quality, it’s quality that can’t go unnoticed. Our sharp-eared Savvy Scout overheard more than one customer comment about the ‘old-school’ workmanship, an impression that’s enhanced by the retro design of many of the products.


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