The Proverbial Traveller


Got plans to get out of Dodge yet? Whether it’s a ‘winter’s almost over but it seems like it will never end’ getaway or a ‘must visit Grandma for Easter’ trip’, we have a feeling that planes, trains or automobiles (or some combination thereof) are in your future.

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step (packing of course). So take our proverbial advice and check out some of our old faves and new recommendations to make your travels more of a break this spring.

On a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy (never mind an exersaucer). So book your gear to be there when you arrive with baby equipment rentals from Wee Travel or One Tiny Suitcase who offer clean, safe, brand-name baby equipment delivered right to your destination.

Now, while he who travels light, travels fast, a few carefully chosen accessories to bring along on your road trip can make the whole thing that much savvier.

If you lose your way it is better to ask and feel a fool for five minutes than not ask and remain a fool for the rest of your life. OK, that was meant for someone else in your life, but since you’re going to be heading out on that long car trip, we suggest you review our reader contributions for keeping sane in the car. From the right timing to the right games, it will help you manage the ‘Are we there yet’s’ from driveway to driveway.


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