True North Strong and Fun

Whoever told you (or your kids) that life isn’t just one big party has clearly never heard of a Bunch Family Dance Party. The people behind these fun filled family extravaganzas have found a way to boogie down while fitting in a bit of learning at the same time, and all for a good cause.
This winter, as part of the 3rd annual WinterCity Toronto, Bunch Family is hosting an event called True North, which promises to have families shaking it like it’s -30 degrees. Featuring a cast of breakdancing Mounties, polar bears, and moose, this year’s party is inspired by a combination of Canadian pride, concern for our environment (because Canada’s Arctic is warming faster than anywhere on earth) and support for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

So in addition to taming a yeti, creating an indoor snowstorm and dancing with bears, kids and parents in attendance will get to interact with educators from the WWF and learn a bit about warming trends and how they affect the Arctic and its inhabitants. 15% of proceeds from True North tickets sales will be donated to the WWF on behalf of Toronto’s families.

True North will also include an homage to Bob and Doug McKenzie, walking, talking, dancing donuts, an ambitious attempt to create Northern Lights on the dance floor, hot music spun by DJ Fase and Vivi Diamond and a whole lot of kids rocking out with their moms, dads, sisters, brothers and friends.

It will be a nice change from freeze dance in the living room.


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