Do You Have a Halloween Candy Plan?

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We all love Halloween—the costumes, the excitement, and, yes, even the candy. But how do you deal with the inevitable candy avalanche that comes along with it? Do you let your kids eat as much of their procured sweets as possible, do you ration it for them, or something else altogether?

Here are a few tricks we’ve tried to help manage that Halloween candy haul from trick or treating:

Ideas for a Halloween Candy Plan:

Spread the Halloween Candy Out

Rationing the goods seems like a pretty easy way to handle a massive sugar rush. Here’s how we’ve done it in the past:

  • Halloween Night: Eat what you like
  • The next day: Three pieces in the lunchbox, three pieces after dinner
  • 2-6 days post-Halloween: Two pieces in the lunchbox, two pieces after dinner
  • One week after Halloween: The candy bowl magically disappears in a manner that does not raise any suspicion with the kids (i.e. Mom and Dad have likely nibbled enough over the course of the week to cause the treats to disappear, or it’s been packaged up and put away).

The Switch Witch 

Let your kids have 5 pieces of candy each on Halloween night (or however many you determine is enough), and then leave the remainder by the front door. The ‘Switch Witch’ will then come and collect it when the kids go to bed, leaving a present in place of the treats that have been taken.

Package them up

Pack up the candy into small baggies and give a baggie to each kid every Saturday until the treats run out.

Let them have their candy and eat it, too

You could let your kids eat all the candy they want whenever they want (because what’s the point in trick-or-treating if the kids can’t eat everything they collect, right??)

Divide and conquer

Separate the loot into candy, chocolate, and chips. The chocolate and chips can be shared with the entire family, and the candies can be stashed away until Christmas and then used to decorate a gingerbread house or make candy bark.

Now we want to know: how do you handle the Halloween candy roll-out? Do you have an agreed-upon plan ahead of time? Let us know!


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  1. Autumn on October 31, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    You missed the option to donate and share some of the candy, depending where you live you can donate to the food banks, armed for forces, they also collect for snack for parents in the city nicu’s where I live. My kids typically donate 1/2 of what they collect.

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