Update: The 20-Minute Purge


I’ve already made it through a month with my New Year’s resolution of a daily 20-minute purge and I did pretty well, I must say. Some of you have been wondering what spots have been the victim of my nightly routine and I am proud to tell you there have been many. At home, I have attacked daughter #2’s bookshelf, two of daughter #1’s drawers, 4 kitchen drawers, one toy shelf in the basement, my makeup case, my husband’s sweater shelf, one bathroom cabinet, my son’s desk and entire bookshelf (thank you, out-of-town hockey tournament for that excellent purging opportunity), and my dining room, which was turning into a bit of a storage room itself. As we’re at our cottage every weekend at this time of year for skiing, up there I have also managed to get at the freezer, the pantry, the sideboard and the toybox, to round out the list.
February is here and I think I might have run out of spots for the moment. Perhaps I will take it easy for a few weeks until it’s time to start with the seasonal switch. Skis for soccer cleats, sweaters for shorts…March and April will need ample time for more 20-minute purges.

How have you been doing with your New Year’s resolutions?


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